Gym Instructor and Creative Practitioner

What's your favourite exercise in the gym?

I'm starting to love the upper body stuff! My go to is cable pull downs and working on my pull up! But I love a good leg day too. 

How did you start your fitness journey?

I joined a gym about 6/7years ago and wandered about and ended up on the cross trainer every. single. time. (I hate it, I've no idea why I did that.) I got a PT (who looked like a Viking) who showed me that the gym does actually have more equipment than a cross trainer and after that I was sold. It took a while for it to become a staple in my week but now it's a necessity! 

What made you choose a career in the fitness industry?

I love coaching and working with a variety of different people, supporting them and knowing that being a helping hand in their fitness journey can lead them to feeling confident and, hopefully, happier! I love anything creative so I take a different approach on things and look at life as a whole. My speciality is families and young peoples fitness. 

Fun Fact

I have done so many random jobs, especially as an actor, but I think the most random was dressing up as a 7ft goose and dropping enormous golden eggs out of its bum. It was a low point.