This is not a time-based service, it is an investment in you. It is 1-1 time with us, for you and about you. The program will be work around your lifestyle and other commitments and will be focused solely on you and your goals.
Whether you have a fat loss, muscle building, or a strength goal. Whether you’re working towards an endurance event, need some direction and accountability, or would like help guiding through the start of your fitness journey, 1-1 coaching can work for you.



Starting from £150
Access to Gym 
Minimum 3month commitment for maximum results
Specific programme for your needs
Habit tracking (food consumption, mood pattern, sleep etc)
Specific support via PT Hub
Accountability, direction, motivation and support
Think of this as a wrap around package; home life, work life, physical and mental health.



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Joe has a reputation for his loud and banterous personality in group sessions, but with 1-1 coaching he is very different. Joe has many years experience and this is apparent with his coaching style and approach. Having made a significant change to his own physique, Joe understands the challenges many face when it comes to fat loss, muscle building and mindset. He gets it. So, if you’ve thought of a quick fix, chances are he’s either tried it, or thought about tying it! Joe knows how to train hard, and he knows how to push his clients, but he’s great at explaining the why’s behind what he’s doing – and it works. Strength training is his bag, whether it’s for strength improvement, muscle building, fat loss, or to aid endurance events, he’s got you covered. Just be prepared to work hard in sessions. And finally, don’t let his appearance intimidate you; he’s big and hairy, but he’s a teddy bear underneath it all!



Rachael started out her journey with her main goal being weight loss by working with a trainer out of the renowned UP Fitness group in Manchester. This quickly developed in to a passion and, craving to learn more, she invested in herself and completed her Level 3 PT certificate.

Fast forward 3 years of self development and furthering her exposure to the industry, she began delivering 'Group' sessions in 2018 out of village halls with her focus on technique and strength development. Soon after, Rachael began delivering 'Group' and 1-1 sessions from CoreWorx in July 2018.

Since then Rachael has become renowned locally for her group training sessions. The group has a light hearted and welcoming vibe that makes her gang feel at ease and able to switch off from the days stresses. Her classes also focus in on developing strength whether that is physically, mentality or emotionally.

Her 1-1 sessions deliver the same support but on a deeper level, she works closely with all her clients to ensure they are getting the support they need throughout all aspects of their lives to make long term sustainable changes.

Whether in Group or PT, Rachael has got you covered. Expect support and accountability and lots of giggles, dancing and singing but don’t forget that she will be make sure you're working hard!



Laura believes that health and fitness should be simple, balanced and no nonsense. You will make specific goals to support your lifestyle and to keep it consistent with Laura fighting your corner.

A huge focus is on mentality, mindset and habit building. 

It's not a quick fix, but I will be there every step of the way to help you achieve your goals. 

For a 12week programme, habit building and nutrition advice get in touch!

Laurie, PT client

‘I initially asked Joe to train my legs twice a week, but after only the first session I’d asked him to train me for my upper body workouts too, as the benefits of training him were immediately apparent. I started working with Joe as I wanted to drastically increase the strength and durability of my legs while adding some size to them and four weeks in, I’m already noticing huge differences in performance. I’ve hit a squat PB and comfortably completed a 40km hike without any of the usual muscle fatigue that would normally set in for me at around 25-30km. I can’t thank Joe enough for what he’s done so far. I asked him to help take things to the next level and with his programming and guidance throughout the workouts he's done exactly that. I’ve achieved in four weeks with him, what would’ve taken months by myself."



Everything You Need to Know



Prices start from £150pm for 1 PT session and 1 group session per week. As well as this, we are always on hand during working hours if you need help or have any questions. Support goes beyond the training session


The 1-1 PT session and the group session as stated above.
A programme designed around your lifestyle with your specific needs at the heart of it.
A programme delivered to your phone for you to do outside of sessions to keep you on track.
Support outside of your session time.
Accountability and motivation; we will support and direct you, but we will also have the difficult conversations and give you a kick up the arse (or a hug) if you need one!
Fundamentally, it is a long term relationship we want to build with our PT clients, so that they are educated about movement, on how to implement better lifestyle habits and how to care for themselves, better for their future self, the self you want to be.


Ideally, it is helpful to have a fixed time slot for most clients to build consistency and routine. However, for shift workers or times when life is a little more hectic, there is flexibility as to the time/day of the session.


We try to move away from seeing this as simply a time based slot. Sessions range from 45-80 minutes depending on time available, what arises in conversation throughout the session, or what is needed from the client at the start of the session. Whatever happens, we always book out an hour for you.