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10 Reasons You Need A Programme

Do you turn up at the gym without any idea of what you'll do?

Are you lacking inspiration?

Lacking motivation?

Lacking accountability?

Lacking progress?

Generally boooooorrred?

Enter... the programme.


Hey, I'm your new gym programme. Nice to meet you. I don't mean to brag, but I'm the thing you've been missing your whole life. Let me tell you the top 10 things I love about me. I'm going to woo you.

Top 10 Reasons A Gym Programme Is For You

1) It gives you direction

Finding yourself coming to the gym not really sure what you're going to do and then leaving feeling a little unsatisfied? Get yourself a programme to follow. It gives you a structure. And bonus, it increases motivation!

2) Makes training fresh and exciting

Have you got bored of your regular go to moves? Time to mix things up and get your body guessing again which leads to change. It keeps it fun which is what keeps us coming back for more. Hello consistency.

3) Keeps you accountable

Who is supporting you and holding you accountable for the thing you said you do? No one? Then why bother doing it. Get a programme from us, and you're held accountable. This drives us.

4) You want progress!

Stopped making progress or it's too sloooowwwww....Get a programme that's going to challenge you and work you hard. This brings results.

5) Avoid pitching up with no plan which leads exactly nowhere

That "wandering around and lifting a few weights until you get a bit tired"..sorry that's going to do exactly nothing. Nadda. Zero progress. I just say the truth.

6) Boosts motivation

Having a programme to tick off, and to notice improvement is what brings us motivation. This is the reason we do it and keep doing it!

7) Use something tried and tested

We know this programme works. Joe & Rach do this in person every gets results. And bonus you get the expertise of both Joe & Rach.

8) You're confident in the gym, but need some structure

Maybe you don't need a PT or a class, but the benefits of training with others cant be ignored. But get a're getting best of both.

9) Reduce your chance of quitting

"I WANNA QUIT THE GYM!" Hell no you don't! You've got the programme, you're ticking it off, you've got the accountability to pick you up when you're struggling and you've got an interesting programme. Why on earth would you want to quit?

10) It's specific to your goals

And finally...get something that's going to get you to where you want to be. Have a goal, and have a plan to get there.

Told you I'm pretty good. Here I am...what are your other two wishes?


Where Do I Get A Programme?

We do 'em. Yes we do. It's a spin off from our successful in person group class. Shall I tell you more about it?...OK!

CoreWorx Programme Options

All our programmes are gym based. You start from the beginning and work through each block. Joe & Rach will be on hand to ask any questions and you can track your progress as you go.

We have two programmes:

1) Online Functional Programme

The Facts

3day programme with a bonus session. Overall functional fitness. £30 monthly (cancel anytime)

2) Online HIBB (High Intensity Body Building) Programme

The Facts

5day programme with an extra training day. Building muscle size. £30 monthly (cancel anytime)


Register your interest here:

You want in? Click here to drop us a message and get your programme.

So that's all about me. I feel like you know me better now and you've got my number (well email.) Drop me a message.


Yours forever,

The CoreWorx Programme

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