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How To Be Healthy? PT 2

The dreaded sequel....will it live up to the hype of the first!?


Let's see.....

In part 1, I wanted to delve a bit deeper into what it means to be healthy. If you didn't read it, you haven't lived. Go back and check it out.

But if you have read it and think I'm a genius who knows everything, then you will be pleased to know that I will now reveal HOW to be healthy.

Disclaimer: I may or may not succeed in this.

My first thought was to write a loooooong, laborious list of all the recommendations on what we should be doing to be the pinnacle of health. #Grippingread

I got bored just thinking about it. So, to make things a little more jazzy, I decided to do a little experiment...


The Experiment

I chose three of the "top ways to be healthy" and my challenge was to stick to them for a week.

The three guidelines I followed were:

  1. "Do at least 150minutes of moderate intensity activity a week or 75minutes of vigorous intensity activity a week?"

  2. Drink 6-8cups of water a day (1.5litres-2litres)

  3. Adults should have no more than 30g of free sugars a day (roughly equivalent to 7 sugar cubes)

Free sugars= sugars added to foods / Guidelines based on NHS Recommendations

What I wanted to find out was...

  • How easy are they to do?

  • What difference they make?

  • How to make these changes consistent?

What happened?

It was a mixed bag, I wont lie to you....

Water & Sugar

Monday- Left my water bottle at home so I only managed two bottles of water (around a litre.) Ate a bowl of honey cheerios and a bourbon which mean't I was already half way through my allowance of sugar by 11am. Horrifying.

Tuesday- Remembered my water bottle...just forgot to drink from it. Good work so far.

Wednesday- Switched breakfast cereal for one which had 0.9g of sugar per portion which allowed me a hell of a lot more wiggle room for daily sugar. Just a shame it tasted like sand.

Thursday- Set an alarm on my phone to remind me to drink my water. And it worked! Ate a Crunchie and had a lovely time..turned out it was 26g of sugar so that's pretty much my allowance in just one bar.

Friday- Drank all my water and weirdly had no craving to snack. (I did need to pee a lot though.)

Water averaged out at roughly a litre a day and sugar...god only knows what happened there.


I bet all of you are sat there going "But this will have been easy for you, you work in a gym!" But hold on! What I found out was that most of my active minutes weren't clocked up by the amount of time I spent in the gym. A whopping 65.5% of my active minutes were actually made up by walking or cycling. Only 34.4% was me actually doing a "workout."

What did I find out?

I looked back over the week and tried to find the link between when habits stuck and when things fell horribly apart. And the answer was glaringly obvious.

Anything I HAD to do, I did.

Obvious right?

I HAD to walk the dog

I HAD to cycle to work

(When I set my reminder alarm for water) I HAD to drink it

I HAD to do my strength days because I had locked them into my schedule and made them non negotiable.

That's when it worked. But when I didn't need to do it...I just didn't. I didn't put any consequence to me eating over the allowance of sugar. I just, ate it, looked at the amount of sugar in it, felt bad for a bit, then carried on living my sugar-filled life.


There's a million things we are 'recommended' to do. Suggested. Advised. They are really easy to consider but That's when these lovely healthy habits fail. Because they are a recommendation.

It's recommended I don't yell Harry Potter quotes at people I don't know, but I still do it.

We all know what we are supposed to do. We all know which habits are going to make us feel healthier. There's no secret. There are 2,740,000,000 results on google when I originally searched "healthy habits."

Yet despite all this information, it's clear that a huge proportion of people aren't reaching these targets.

  • 37% of people in the UK never exercise or play a sport (

  • According to the NHS, "British people eat 700g of sugar a week, or an average of 140 teaspoons per person." That's 100g a day.

  • According to the NHS, "the average British person walks between 3,000 and 4,000 steps a day." Thats 6000-7000 less than the suggested amount.

There are a billion reasons why we, as a nation, aren't so hot at looking after ourselves. It's dependant on the person, the day, the time...the list goes on. In this modern life, it is so much easier to live in glorious, ignorant bliss. But are we really doing whats best for our health? Hell no.

In my humble opinion, we need to tell ourselves that we deserve to be healthy, we deserve to look after ourselves. Not only will it prolong our lives, but it might even make us feel better.

And that is what we need to be healthy: To put yourself & your health as a priority.


Making these changes is tough to do alone. We have to commit to making the change. We have to make healthy habits a regular fixture in our lives. Change is hard, sometimes horrible at first, but then it does get better.

But NEWSFLASH, you don't have to do this alone. We can help you. We look at your life as a whole and how to make these changes consistent. We know the hurdles (I mean, look at my experiment!) Not only do we create solid workouts but we look at the bigger picture to help reach your goals.

Want more than just a PT who will run a workout with you? Then HI we are your gang.

Laura x

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