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How To Get A "Summer Body" All Year Round...

Summers arrived, the sun is shining, everyones slapping on factor 50 and we're loving the constant stream of BBQ invites.


*Actual footage of Kendal

Let's face it, it's never going to be tropical up North. But nevertheless, summer makes us question whether we look good in our rarely worn summer outfits.

When I googled "Summer Body Workouts" I found the following:

  • 12 Minute Summer Body Transformation

  • The 28 Day Bikini Body Workout Plan

  • Build Muscle And Get Lean in 4weeks

Wow what promises! If I can get a summer body in 12minutes, hell yeah I'll do it. So I check it out. According to this plan, I just do this 12minute workout everyday. Every. Single. Day.

Anything else?

Nope, just that same workout over and over again, I assume until I finally find this summer body.

Sounds dull, so I go for the 28 Day Bikini Body Workout Plan. Now this is more varied, a six day plan of hour long workouts with one day of rest. That sounds tough and I reckon I'll need some good food alongside this, but theres no nutrition advice. That's ok though, I just google a summer diet and I find the perfect one.


Only 30 days and I'll have the body of my dreams. Wow.

So I flick through the rules.

I'm not allowed alcohol. I'm not allowed sugar of any kind. I'm not allowed ANY grains. No legumes (beans, chickpeas, peas, soy). No diary and no replicating junk food (like courgetti apparently.)


These plans promise so much. A fast "summer ready" body. But if you haven't registered from my tone, I think these are a load of nonsense and I've got questions:

What happens after the plan? - No idea.
How realistic is it expect me to workout 6/7 days a week? - It's not.
What's going to happen to my energy level cutting out so much food? - I will stuff my face full of anything I can get my hands on.
Will I actually GET this "summer body"? - What even is my summer body?
Are these plans designed for ME? - As much as I'd love to say yes...they clearly aren't.

One quarter of Brits diet before the summer for a myriad of reasons, and it's not wrong to want to look and feel great for summer.

But why not look and feel great the whole year round?

Short term diets and fitness routines will work for a time, but stop them and then you just end up back where you started, if not further back. Extreme diets or plans are not sustainable. Plus the impact that they can have on your metabolism, muscle mass, energy levels, mood and much much more.


We all deserve to feel awesome in our own bodies. I hate the idea that people out there punish their bodies to be "ready" for summer. You're all ready for summer. FACT.

Our bodies do so much for us we deserve to look after them our whole lives long. So instead of quick fixes, here are my top 5 realistic & attainable fitness goals you SHOULD be focused on for LIFE.

1: To Feel Stronger and Be In Less Pain
2: To Be Building Muscle and Lowering Fat Percentage
3: To Get Better Quality Sleep
4: To Have Lower Stress and To Feel Happier
5: To Have Better Endurance and Flexibility

As a result of all of these, you'll feel confident, look awesome and have an inner body that's happy and working well.

Let's break it down...


1: To Be Feeling Stronger and In Less Pain

This goal takes making strength training a regular part of your weekly routine. 2-3 times a week and you'll build muscle and notice a HUGE reduction in aches and pains. More muscle equals more calories being burnt just by existing. Bonus, you'll age great too.



2: To Be Building Muscle and Lowering Fat Percentage

This goal takes a combination of strength training, cardio and a good healthy diet. It will depend person to person so get a training plan or a PT to make it suit YOU. But rough rule of thumb, 2-3 days strength, 150mins of moderate cardio and diet balanced between protein, carbs, fats, veggies and fruit and water. Cutting down on your refined sugars, alcohols and trans fat... don't 'deny' yourself anything, just balance (80/20 split is a good balance, 80 normal 20 treat).



3: To Get Better Quality Sleep

This goal is a bit chicken and the egg. If you sleep well, you're more likely to exercise and eat well. If you exercise and eat well, you're more likely to sleep well. But getting into a good sleep routine is a great place to start. Hit this blog to find out how.



4: To Have Lower Stress and To Feel Happier

This goal is all down to looking after yourself through exercise and having a happy gut (aka diet!) Exercise is the NUMBER one most efficient way to reduce stress. But meditation, rest and recovery and HAVING FUN are really great techniques to help reduce stress!



5: To Have Better Endurance and Flexibility

This goal is about getting a variety of exercise into your life including stretching, yoga, pilates, walking, swimming, massage (not exercise but important!). Adding a variety of cardio at different speeds and intensities too.



Make it sustainable, look after your bodies fundamentals and you'll have a body you can be confident about. Our aim should always be a body that works as well as it can be and have a happy soul. That trumps a "bikini bod" any day.

Laura x

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