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It's time to put January back in it's place...

It's happened people. We've opened our bleary eyes and its January. The Christmas joy has gone and now we have a whole month ready and waiting for us to make our first move. It's sat smugly, arms folded saying "Go on then, what are you going to try and do with me this time."

Well, thank you January but I don't need your judgy tone thank you very much. And I most certainly do not need your deceptive little tactics.

"50% off in January, this product promises to reduce belly fat by 90% by killing all the fat cells in your body! Karen here lost 10lbs in just 2weeks and she's never felt better!"


Poor Karen. January got her, hook, line and sinker. And she's not the only one. By the time the new year hits, 26million say they want to lose weight.


And statistics say that by the 12th January, 9/10people have given up. Thats 23.4million people.


The biggest reason people give up is boredom, followed by stresses of normal life.

And let's just take a little look in the corner of the room where January is sat laughing its head off at us.

Is there a more confusing time of year?

I would argue not. There are so many messages thrown in our face, crash diets, fad diets, pressures on people to look at themselves and feel unsatisfied. No wonder people feel guilty about enjoying themselves at Christmas with all these messages flying around.

So I'm going to go out on a limb and tell January to do one.

I do not need overhaul my life, reinvent myself and start learning a new hobby that I've never entertained before. I do not need to change every single thing about me.

And it's time to set the record straight.


Fad and crash diets don't work. Not only are they inconsistent for a healthy, happy life they:

  • Make you hungrier

  • Slow your metabolism

  • Are bad for your heart

  • Loose your muscle mass

  • Slows brain function

  • Lowers mood

  • Reduces focus

  • Makes you hungry and more likely to quit

That is not a great start to the year. Instead ask yourself:

  • What will benefit you?

  • How do feel right now?

  • How do you want to feel this year? In 5years? In 10years? In 20 years time?

  • What matters to you?

  • What can you add in?

  • What can you give up?

  • What do you enjoy?

  • What do you need?

Tuning in with ourselves is the greatest thing we can do this January. Is it to start adding in regular exercise, is it to improve weekly meals, is it to boost confidence?

Take it low and slow.


Don't promise the earth to yourself or you'll end up like the 23.4million who give up because it's far too overwhelming.

Small changes that are achievable and important to YOU.

You'll be smashing these in no time, you'll keep them up, you will feel better and notice differences throughout the year.

And you don't have to do all of this on your own. We can help, no matter how big or small, just ask and we can keep things real.

Be kind, tune out of the January noise and learn to listen to yourself.


PS: January apologises for an inconvenience it may have caused.




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