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PT1: How To Train

Training or Working Out: Whats The Difference?

If you have no idea whether you "train" or whether you "workout" then you're not alone. Exercise is exercise right? Well, yes, of course it is. But are "training" and "working out" the same...this needs me to delve a little deeper.


To help me, I shall resort back to the standard dictionary.

Training: The action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event
Working Out: Engage in vigorous physical exercise or training.

This helps me in NO WAY. Thanks DICK- tionary.

This leaves me with no choice but to ask Joe and Rach. This gleamed slightly better results. They very wisely informed me that:

Training has direction, a goal and a plan that you actively follow.

Working out is not necessarily for a goal but to tick away at maintaining or to make your feel good.


Thanks for reading the blog. I've been Laura. See you later........

........What do you mean I'm not done? Oh fine... let me elaborate.

What is training for?

If you have a fitness goal like weight loss, muscle growth, a race or a competition, then you'll need to be training. To truly achieve that goal, you need a plan that you can implement into your life that's specific to you. It's strategic, it's tailored to you and it's long term. You train for results.

What is working out for?

You might not need to "train" towards something all the time. You might be happy "in the moment", ticking away and getting that general fitness better. It's not "wrong" at all, if you're happy coming and doing what you like for your health, mental and physical, then crack on. If you have a relatively sedentary desk job, its always good to get some workouts into your week as much as possible. Just get moving and grooving...its good for you! Just know that it's unlikely to get any goal related results from it.

Do I need to be training?

If you've been hoping to hit a goal and you haven't got there, or if you've been trying lots of different things but to no avail, this can be frustrating. If you find yourself working really hard in the gym or running here and there all the time and NOTHING is changing...chances are you haven't got the right training plan, if one at all. If you are set on a goal, then you need to get and follow a training plan. You need to trust it and stick at it.

Training in all elements?

Training towards a goal needs to consider diet, exercise, sleep, water intake, daily activity.....basically with a training plan you find that you have to adjust other elements of your life to achieve that goal. Take weight loss as an example. You cant 'out exercise' a bad diet. I WISH you could, believe me. So when your goal is to lose weight, you need a training plan that takes into account diet too. Sleep is a big part too, and if you don't believe me, read my blog on it. No training plan should eliminate rest. You need it.

I don't have a goal, does this matter?

Of course not! Exercise is good for you, regardless. Do something you love, make it sustainable and keep it up. You may come across a goal along the way in which case, you know what to do. Get a training plan.


You don't have to be a 'train-er' or a 'work-er out-er' all you life. Some periods will be maintaining, some will be focused. Stick to your plan and most importantly... make it sustainable.

When you figure out which plan you need, it's worth considering how often you should be training towards your specific goals. Which brings me beautifully onto PT 2...How Often Should I Bring Training. Coming next week....


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