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Setting goals and getting goals...

Updated: Mar 24

Based on some very significant market research that was conducted under incredibly meticulous circumstances (aka me asking my mates on Instagram), I have found some interesting stats:

Most of you would love advice on nutrition over exercise. An overwhelming 82% to be precise.

Pretty equally split is advice on sleep or stress. Same with "Goal Getting" or "Goal Reviewing."

And mostly noticeably, and controversially, Harry Potter is more popular than Friends.

Which leaves me with no choice but to blog about the nutrition in Harry Potter and how to set goals whilst asleep.


Believe me when I say I would absolutely love to write this, and if you want to hear, it please sign my petition #LetLauraWriteNonsenseForFun

However, I do actually have a job to do and providing good, solid fitness related advice is technically what I'm hired to do so...


Let's start with Goal Setting and Goal Reviewing...

New Years Resolutions were 3months ago. To be honest, I don't remember what mine were. But 3months on, with Spring just around the corner, what better time to check in with how we're getting on.

"Goal Setting" is pretty straight forward. You choose something you want to do and you say "Hey, I'm going to do that." Well, this is usually what happens. Wether it's the best way to set goals is another discussion. And a short one: It's a crap way to set goals.

The best way to set a goal is to use the "SMART" technique.

S- Specific (What is your goal EXACTLY?)

M- Measurable (How will you measure your success? This is a great time to get someone to hold you accountable to it; it could be a friend, a PT, a family member, a group...)

A- Achievable (Is it something you actually want to do? Are you asking too much of yourself?)

R- Relevant (Is it worth your time and effort? What difference will it make to your life?)

T- Time Span (What's the deadline and what's the timeline to get there?)

But what often gets missed is "Goal Reviewing."

What happens when these goals don't get achieved?

Do we even recognise the things we've done?

And do we hold ourselves accountable for those things we said we were going to do?

This is where Goal Reviewing is so valuable. Let's have a look at how to go about it.

Step 1: Rate the following out of 10


Diet Happiness Fun/Hobbies Career Energy levels/Sleep Relationships

Step 2: Celebrate what is going well!

  • Notice what you've scored the highest in. Ask yourself specifically what is great and write them down.

  • Jot down WHY things are going well here. This is MEGA important.

  • If you are being held accountable for anything, let that person know your wins! (Ie: If you told your PT you'd go running twice a week and did it, tell them and feel proud)


Step 3: Notice what areas are rated the lowest.

  • Jot what isn't going so well in these areas.

  • Jot down why you think things aren't going well. Compare with the things that are going well. Can you use strategies you already use in what is going well to help?

  • If you are being held accountable for anything, let that person know, they might be able to help you (Ie: If you told your PT you'd meal plan and didn't, they can help give you ideas on how to help. A good PT won't tel you off. )

Step 4: Ask yourself these questions:

Is it something I can change or is it out of my control? If you can change it, make a step by step plan of how to go about it. If you can't ........let it go.

Step 5: Get on it! Start that plan and get back at it with fresh eyes.


Friendly Reminders...

Reminder: We've got your back. If you need accountability or any help on hitting those goals, just drop us a message.

Reminder again: There's no "perfect" time to set goals. They're never be enough time, you'll never have "enough energy", there'll always be an excuse. So set them now and go get them.

Reminder of a reminder in a reminder: Find your why. Why do you want to do it? What difference would it make to your life? If it's "Oh it'd be nice to look banging in my swim stuff on the beach" then cool that's fine but WHY do you wanna look great in your speedos? Will you feel more confident? Will it mean you're able to do more things? Will you enjoy how you feel? Dig a little deeper.

Happy Goal Setting Cool Cats and Kittens,

L x

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