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What is "healthy?" Part 1

Updated: Jan 25

A little introduction:

I tried to write this as one short simple piece. "Oh it'll be a breeze to write about how to be healthy!" I thought naively. And I started jotting down the obvious:

To be healthy you have to eat right

To be healthy you have to drink enough water

To be healthy you have to do the right amount of exercise

To be healthy you have to wear suncream

To be healthy you have to stretch

To be healthy you have to sleep enough

To be healthy you have to, healthy you have to, you have to, have to.....

And I went on and on about how we should be doing all these things to be the absolute picture of health!

And then, ironically, I got a headache.

When I came back to writing this, I'd written "healthy" so many times it had lost all meaning. So I actually googled what it meant. In Old English, Health (hælþ) means "wholeness, a being whole, sound or well."

Being whole. I quite liked that and I've never thought of it like that.

To me, "Health" was a to-do list, a series of guidelines and targets to tick off so I fit inside the worlds 'normal' bracket of healthy people.

So in short, I've decided to go back to the start and ask....

"What is healthy?"

One woman's journey to find an answer


"Are you in good health?"

A saying from Austen times where men in frilly pants ask ladies in unbearably tight dresses how they are.

Imagine asking someone that now?!

"Well, no not really, I only did 70minutes of exercise last week, and yesterday I didn't have any of my 5 a day and this week I drank 2 units over the recommended daily allowance of alcohol. Oh and to top it off, I haven't practiced mindfulness at all."

But we are British so we'd just say "Oh yes, fine thank you" and carry on silently wondering how the hell anyone actually manages to do it all.

So, I turned my trusty friend the internet to help. I went on A LOT of websites that all recommend how to improve your general health. One described it as:-

"....having the opportunity, capability and motivation to act in a way that positively affects your physical and mental well-being. Paying attention to what you eat, being physically active, and learning more about your food and yourself can help you meet your health goals."- source does it mean

I saw a lot of circles full of bright pictures of things that are healthy, I found top tips, I found statistics galore! Oh the things I've seen!

Then I turned to the next best thing after the internet. Joe and Rachael.

I asked them what 'healthy' means to them...

Rachael- "Behaviours that supports your physical, mental and emotional feel the best you possible can! This may change day to day depending on what you need, but it's about your behaviours aligning with those values."

Beautifully articulate and spot on. Then there's Joe...

Joe- "Looking like a god so you can take on gods and not lose..being 100% better than the best version of yourself and still striving for more being such a boss that Zeus himself and that chap they call god and even Dumbledore quiver in fear."

Quickly redacted to..

"Being healthy is the balance of, the mental, physical and nutritional needs our bodies ecosystem need to do what we ask of it ant any given time...Balance is key, how is the question and consistency is the answer."

Redacted again to...

"Health is not being dead."

And with all of this miraculous knowledge thrust upon me, I've come to my own humble opinion.

Being healthy is a wonderful melting pot of everything we need to be whole, alive and kicking. I see it as a huge pot that we top up and fill up with the things we need, sometimes we take from it, sometimes we use it up, sometimes we don't put anything in it. Our pot is incapable of feeding us if we don't put anything in it. It doesn't have to be accurate or the same as anyone else. Its your own, and you know what fills you up best.

But also to be as mighty as a god.

But now I need to ask the question...

"What do we need to feel healthy?"

And that ladies and in PT 2.

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