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What on earth goes on inside a gym?

"The Gym" fills a hell of a lot of people with dread. And no wonder tbh. Gyms are full of big machines that look like something from a medieval basement. Gyms are full of things called "The Ab Cruncher", "The Arm Blaster" and "The Power Rack" which, let's face it, just sound painful. And not to mention this monstrosity:

But the truth is: The Gym is nowhere near as scary as it first appears. And that includes the people.

These are the stereotypes that loads of people assume are found in "the gym":

The Serious Bodybuilder: The biggest, scariest looking one in the gym. Can be found surrounded by all the weights and will often come over to you and say "Hey buddy, I'm actually using that" despite being 10metres away on a different machine.

The Poser: Looks insane, super cute, matching outfit, does one squat, takes a picture and goes home.

The Screamer: Lifts a weight, wether it is heavy or light, they drop it, scream and stomp around the gym floor looking very red.

The Wanderer: Walks in very bewildered, sees the treadmill, walks on that for 30minutes, works out how to change the incline in the last 2minutes. Leaves ashamed.

FACT CHECK: Both me, Rach and Joe were all The Wanderer. Joe was The Wanderer, but became the Serious Bodybuilder morphed into a screamer. Possibly even a poser can decide for yourself.


But, hey, we went and that is brave! And do you know the person who made me feel instantly better in the gym? The Serious Body Builder. I was struggling to work out how to use a machine I'd never tried before and I was approached by the S.B.B. Absolutely bracing myself for him to tell me to "Get out, you look ridiculous!" I was taken aback when he offered to help. My opinion of the gym changed that day.


If you're a member here at CWX Gym or if you are thinking about joining us, there are a few things we've decided are important to know:

1: You are never alone. You don't have to be The Wanderer. We can chat, show you around, show you how the machines work and what they are for. You can join our classes, join in on our Group Coaching or grab yourself a Personal Trainer. All you have to do is ask.

2: It's not as scary as it looks. I promise you. All you need is confidence and a plan. We can help you.

3: Find your 'why'. Why do you want to join a gym? Is it for mental health, friendships, feeling good, setting examples, keeping healthy or hitting goals. Finding your 'why' helps you to maintain consistency which is key!

4: Make it fun. Honestly, why on EARTH would anyone go to something that makes them miserable. It's not going to work! You'll stop, you'll never go again and that's it, game over. Find what you love. And the gym has a million options. It's not just cardio machines and weights. We can help you make it fun. Just ask.

So really, CWX Gym might just be the least scary gym in the world.

Unlike this: The Slendo Massager. A cage of springs that just beat your body into "supple" shape.

I'll order 5.

Laura x

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